Essentria IC3 Concentrate, 32oz Quart makes 8 gallons

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Essentria = Professional grade effectiveness in a safe, natural organic spray. One quart of IC-3 concentrate yields 8 gallons of ready to use product. Essentria provides 8 hours of RESIDUAL protection unlike other non-toxic bed bug killing sprays. With the Essentria line of products from Eco Living Friendly (ELFbrands), you can eradicate bed bug and insect problems just like a professional with the safety benefits of an organic. Essentria products use botanical compounds that plants generate as part of their natural defense against insect attacks. These compounds work by blocking octopamine in the target insect's nervous system. With insects' simpler nervous systems, octopamine is the insect's version of adrenaline. Multiple research studies show once bed bug eggs come in contact with Essentria they don't hatch which breaks the lifecycle. Essentria products have the same knock-down power as comparable synthetics, are priced competitively, and have a natural fragrance. The result: fast, effective insect control in a totally 'green' product. In fact, under FIFRA (the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act) 25(b) Exemption, Essentria products are not required to be registered with the EPA. For situations where only the safest solutions are called for, reach for Essentria from Eco Living Friendly (ELFbrands).


- 8 hours of protection from one application, Fast knockdown and kill of flying and crawling insects

- One 32oz Qt concentrate yields 8 Gallons ready to use product 

- National Organics Program (NOP) compliant & FIFRA 25(b) exempt

- Professional grade insecticide that can be used at home safely 

- Essentria Bed Bug & insect killer products contain all-natural essential oils that work fast, effectively