FUSE Termiticide Insecticide

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FUSE Termiticide/Insecticide contains both imidacloprid and fipronil as its active ingredients. Both ingredients work by affecting the insects' nervous systems, creating a highly effective method of pest control. It is labeled for termite and perimeter pest control applications. In addition to termites, Fuse will control many other insect pests including ants, earwigs, millipedes, boxelder bugs, silverfish, and pillbugs. Please consult the label for a complete list. Fuse is non-repellant, which means that the insects cannot detect it and will readily come into contact with it. In doing so, they will receive a lethal dose of the insecticide. With insects such as termites and ants, they will also carry this lethal dose back to the colony and spread it among the other insects as well.