INZECTO Mosquito Control Traps, 2 Pack

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INZECTO Mosquito Control Trap is a highly-effective preventative and eliminating device proven to significantly reduce mosquito populations. Designed to primarily target and eliminate Aedes mosquitoes. These are the mosquitoes found in urban areas and around residential homes and yards. The Aedes mosquitoes are capable of carrying and transmitting infectious diseases to humans and animals. Scientifically designed to target and attract mosquitoes, the INZECTO Mosquito Trap’s patented design provides the ideal breeding area for mosquitoes to lay eggs. All the mosquito larvae are eliminated inside the trap, effectively controlling the population. Add water and place in a shaded area. The water activates and releases the insecticide embedded into the interior coating of the trap. There is a sachet of organic material provided inside the trap that creates an odor that stagnant water mosquitoes love. Mosquitoes are also attracted to the trap’s red and black colors and shape.

-EFFECTIVE MOSQUITO CONTROL: It's fun being outside with family and friends, but no one likes it when mosquitoes crash the party. Our innovative trap helps to reduce mosquito populations, allowing you to avoid bites and enjoy the outdoors.

-HOW IT WORKS: Our effective trap lures in mosquitoes with a leaf infusion mixture dissolved in stagnant water, creating an ideal breeding environment. Once inside the trap, its active ingredients kills the insect and its larvae.

-USE IN ANY OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT: We recommend 2 to 4 traps for the average yard, making it an excellent outdoor mosquito control device. It's perfect for residential lawns, gardens and patios. It's also great to use at outdoor restaurants, hotel pool areas, public parks and playgrounds.

-HOW TO USE: To use our specially-designed trap, simply fill it with water and place it upright in a shady, wind-protected area. If using two traps, make sure they are placed at least 30 feet apart. After initial use, you should notice a reduction in mosquitoes within a week. The easy-to-use trap offers long lasting protection!

-INZECTO: Our company was founded to provide outstanding scientifically-proven products and pest control systems that work. We pride ourselves on developing high-quality products and systems that are affordable to everyone.