PT 221L Residual Insecticide - Kills Crawling & Flying Insects - 17.5 oz Can by BASF


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PT 221L Residual Insecticide is labeled to control a wide variety of insect pests including ants, roaches, spiders, carpenter bees, silverifsh, crickets, ticks, wasps and much more. PT 221L has a long-lasting residual and contains the powerful active ingredient, Lamda-Cyhalothrin. PT 221L provides excellent control of target pests and can be used as cracks and crevices or spot treatments.PT 221L can be used in food handling areas as directed by the manufacturers label. PT 221L Residual Insecticide has a clear, low-odor formulation.
  • BASF's 221L residual insecticide has quick knock-down and long residual for effective pest control
  • Low odor, Easy-to-use


  • Active ingredient targets insects' nervous systems that leads ultimately to paralysis and death.  


  • Safe around pets if used as directed


  • Can be used as Crack & Crevice or Spot Treatments