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Advion Cockroach Bait Stations:

Advion Bait Stations can be used to control cockroach populations indoors and outdoors with the active ingredient indoxacarb, an insecticide that acts through ingestion by cockroaches. Foraging roaches ingest the indoxacarb in the  Advion roach bait arenas and spread the ingredient to other roaches where they hide.  Adhesive backs are included so that the stations can be mounted on surfaces such as the corners and sidewalls of cabinets.

Active Ingredient: Indoxacarb 0.6%

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    Advion gel bait arena stations 12

    Posted by Robb, RGB Pest control on Nov 23rd 2023

    Works great. Been almost a year and I'm in a hi rise apartment complex with several infested units. These along with Vendetta gel bait where these can't go and a baseboard treatment with Advion WSG spray did the job for almost a year. Started seeing a few live still but mostly dead cockroaches that entered from other units. Once there in they don't last long. Seeing a few more so placed another order switching up my bait and spray this time. Been almost a year. This month almost to date a year I got Alpine WSG treated all as per label at only one pack per gallon the minimum recommended at a 1% solution. Took them all down. Than baited with Vendetta Nitro with the IGR in it for under sing, around pipes and places bait stations can't go like in nooks around appliances ( take off stove knobs put bait drop in the plastic knob replace etc... , in dishwasher seal, fridge magnet seal and small cracks etc) than I replaced the Advion Bait stations with Maxforce FC that are good for a year. With the Alpine WSG , Vendetta Nitro Gel bait and Maxforce FC bait stations I'm good to go. It's been almost 8 days and haven't seen a live or dead Risch again from last live sighting. One I did see was crawling out of kitchen sink underneath cupord seen it's antenna sticking out. Left it to eat fresh bait,I'd just put it out a few minutes ago and was doing dishwasher when I seen it so drew it out fast! Are done and about 45 min later was on floor on it's back kicking it's feet trying to get up. Glad I got it. Was a pregnant one with egg sack that the Vendetta Nitro Gel bait got. So even if it survived would render babies deformed. But sprayed it, flushed it. Since that nothing! So took about 3-4 days after Alpine WSG low level maintenance treatment Nitro Vendetta gel inside wall where pipes go into etc, and that Maxforce FC bait stations hopefully I'll be good for another year. Though going to order some more Alpine WSG only got 1 10d package to try. Works! So will order more along with Temprid FC RX or whatever or Demon WSG or any non repellent spray as to rotate spray and some more bait. Think I'll rotate to Alpine or back to regular Vendetta or better yet the Vendetta plus with the IGR. Also a bottel of Gentrol IGR to mix in the spray. Only use NON REPELLENT SPRAYS WITH SNY PRESENCE OF BAIT gel or Bait STATIONS AS Doesn't AFFECT THEM. As it's no odour, clear non noticeable non repellent residual ( 60 days) and highly transferable. Love Alpine WSG worth every penny. I'm in Canada here it's called Seclara same ingredients made by BASF same company different name as with most ones here including the Maxforce brands some available except fiprinol. they also make the bait with same ingredients. But here in my province you need it applied by someone with a Valid pest control services licince. I've got one, but it's expired. However for some products or places they don't really look at date! Or even ask! But a lot of product here on US Pest Supply you just can't get for the great prices or here for more restricted use and labeling application differ a bit. Were getting more and more approved. Just not Fiprinol just yet its great German Roche's not immune to it yet... Love this site and delivery is lightning fast,4 days to my door. Thanks US Pest Supply. Will spread the word. Your prices are cheaper than in Canada also even with the shipping/handling fee it's well worth it. Wish I'd of bought more but can only import 500 grams product per order for personal use! Or I'd be buying bulk big time and renew my licince do some part time pest control again. Only $100/year after the 3 month course only need once for class C . . Will send e-mail regarding such when I get my licince renewed. It's printed and waiting. Thanks again love your store and service you Rock!!! .

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    Cockroach elimination

    Posted by Rui Dias on May 18th 2023

    Very good product

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    Avión cockroach poison

    Posted by Lourdes on Feb 17th 2023

    Great product i have not seen a cockroach ever again , I will continue to buy this product. Thanks

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    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 21st 2022

    My apartment complex has a few units un the building that people are constantly moving in and out of. With all this constant traffic I noticed some roach activity in my unit. It began to get a bit busy with roach traffic and I was mortified!! I immediately went to the internet to do some research and came across Advion. I read the reviews and a few YouTube videos I watched mentioned them as well. So I decided to try the gel baits along with some pesticide bait I had bought otc of a another popular brand. Once I placed my baits , I waited to see the results. Now there was a significant amount of roaches making guest appearances in my unit so I figured it would take them a Week or two to get the bait back to their buddies to partake in the last supper, and yes by week two (maybe closer to one and a half weeks) I was seeing hardly any roaches!!! One or two here or there but even they were walking like they were drunk. I have been cleaning carcass after carcass up and I love it!!! This stuff really works!! It smells like some kind of sweet treat so they are drawn to it!!! I've ordered more baits and I will continue to order as I am moving soon and plan to put these into my new unit before I move into it, just in case. I am so glad that I bought advion!! I have been sending people to the website non stop because I live in a hot state and bugs can be a problem here, but not if u are willing to fight the good fight. Do not let roaches live with you if they are not paying rent. I said what I said. Thanks Advion love you :)

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    Advion bait arena

    Posted by Robb Bell on Aug 12th 2022

    Placed 8 out under sinks fridge stove behind kitchen cupboards and in corners of rooms and along showing apartment walls. Live in a hi rise thsts completely infested with German cockroaches. This stuff along with sealing all or any possible entry points keeping other food water liquid away killed them off in my unit within a free weeks. Noticed immediate effects. Nor since placing in February 22 seen only one living cockroach that likely made its way in through the in wall air conditioner unit. I placed these and also baited other areas with Vendetta cockroach bait gel. No cockroaches and building is still infested with very stubborn German cockroaches that exterminators just can't seem to get rid of. But my unit is cockroach free. Seen one or two after the " initial killing" but must of git in from under four or other units around me. I've got neighbours above and below as well on each side and across hall from me all with MAJOR INFESTED UNITS, Mine is cockroach free except the odd one as in literally one since about May. It's now Aug 22. Going to recorder and replace the bait stations so there fresh for the winter. Can't buy this in Canada where I'm from. Order here on US Pest Supply and got them with the Vendetta cockroach bait gel syringe in 2 days. Very happy with service, advice and products. Will be placing very large order as building owner wants me to bait all units (278) units infested except mine! I applied bait in cracks crevices as per instructions than sealed and caulked everything I could and even put weather stripping around apartment door and out bait under that too. Will recappy and replace bait areanas for winter. Great stuff and fast shipping!!! Thank you US pest supply especially for fast shipping hassle free to Canada!

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    Roach arena

    Posted by Jan Yoneda on Jul 7th 2022

    Great product

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    Works great

    Posted by Aaron Courtney on Mar 12th 2022

    Really awesome product will be purchasing more soon thanks again Aaron

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    Posted by Tammy Mcmillen on Jan 6th 2022

    This product is AMAZING I thought I was gonna have to get a high priced exterminator come in but the bait pods did the job 10xs better than I could ever imagine

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    Advion roach killer bait stations

    Posted by Tina Ritter on Jan 3rd 2022

    This product WORKS. There has been a huge decline of roach sightings after 3 days from placing the stations. Very pleased and will definitely recommend to others.