Welcome 2023: Staying Pest Protected All Year Long

Jan 3rd 2023

Pests can be a problem all year round! As a result, pest control is needed throughout the year.

Winter is a time when some pests enter into a sort of hibernation, but many others remain active–including spiders, roaches, rodents, termites, and bed bugs.

What are the benefits of year-round pest control and why should you consider it for your home? Here's what you need to know!


Pests don’t take a break—which means pest control can’t either. It is a common misconception that pests are only a problem during the spring and summer. As the warmer months end, most homeowners cross off “pest control” from their to-do list. The assumption is that pests disappear in the cold months and return when the ground thaws.

Termites are an example of a pest that is active year-round. Even insects that aren't typically active in winter can be a problem if they manage to stay inside.

Among the insects that don't enjoy the cold are ants, roaches, bed bugs, and spiders. These same pests can thrive indoors all year long, in a climate-controlled environment like your house.

During this time, they might spoil your food, spread disease, and even bite you. Yikes! In the spring, you may experience a major infestation if you neglect pest control year-round.

That is why we recommend pest control all year. Throughout the year, a few simple and proactive steps can save your home from pests and prevent unwanted invasions. Regular pest prevention treatments will ensure that your home is safe from even the smallest invaders, regardless of the season.


With your new pest knowledge, you can begin to make more informed decisions about pests in your home.

If ants and roaches are a problem in your area, for instance, you can incorporate new habits into your cleaning routine. This involves storing food and other items in sealed plastic containers (rather than cardboard boxes), quickly wiping up spills, sweeping crumbs off the floor on a regular basis, and loading dishes into the dishwasher (ldon't leave them in the sink).

If mosquitoes are a concern in your area, you can take measures such as eliminating standing water in your yard, cleaning out your gutters, repairing window screens, and planting mosquito-repelling plants.

If termites are a common problem in your area, make sure to trim back tree branches that are touching your house, remove mulch that is too close to your foundation, and keep firewood stacked away from your home.

Regular home upkeep is necessary regardless of the insect problem your neighborhood is experiencing. The first and greatest approach in helping to prevent bugs is good home maintenance. It's important to fix issues like leaky pipes, damaged siding, and foundation cracks in order to avoid attracting pests and allowing them easy access inside.

Not to mention that performing routine, basic indoor and outdoor home maintenance allows you the time and space to look for any signs of infestations. You may help prevent a bug problem from ever occurring by taking proactive measures like these right now! Long-term, this can save you a ton of time, money, and hassle.

Whether you are dealing with an infestation or searching for preventative insecticides, US Pest Supply can help. We offer top name brands at an affordable price to help prevent, treat, and manage insect pests. Shop our catalog for pest specific products today.

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