Tempo Ultra WP 14.8oz


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Tempo Ultra WP is a pyrethroid-based insecticide that is highly effective at controlling a broad range of insect pests, especially those found on turf and landscape ornamentals. Tempo Ultra WP provides a fast knockdown and kill and leaves a residual that keeps killing insects for up to 30 days. Tempo WP has a no odor and leaves a clear, almost invisible residue. 420 gram tub. Tempo Ultra WP is a wettable powder concentrate that is mixed with water and applied with a sprayer such as a 1 gallon hand pump sprayer.(sold separately) Once applied according to the label directions, Tempo Ultra WP dries and leaves a residual of active ingredient for pests to contact for 30 to 90 days. The active ingredient in Tempo Ultra WP is Cyfluthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that attacks the central nervous system of target pests. Though Tempo Ultra WP is tough on insects, it is very gentle on people and pets when used correctly. Tempo Ultra WP Target Pests A wide variety of crawling, flying, and wood-infesting pests for indoor and outdoor applications, as well as insect pests of trees, landscape ornamentals, and residential and commercial lawns; general household pests, pantry and stored product pests, and food processing pests Target Uses of Tempo Ultra WP Tempo Ultra WP is a superior choice among outdoor perimeter treatments because of its rapid knockdown of a broad spectrum of insects. Equally effective at controlling structural, ornamental and turf bugs, Tempo can also be used in food-handling establishments. Tempo Ultra WP leaves a white powdery film that may be visible on darker surfaces. For applications where this is a concern, consider using a liquid concentrate, such as Tempo SC Ultra. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Cyfluthrin 10% You Must Read the Label Before Use.