BorActin Insecticide Powder 5lb Bucket


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  • BorActin Insecticide Powder (Boric Acid) is a heat or UV lihgt and moisture-resistant dust used against a wide range of crawling insects 
  • Target Pest Odorous House ants, Argentine ants, Pharaoh ants, Acrobat ants, Ghost ants, German cockroach, American cockroach, Brown-Banded cockroach, Smokey Brown cockroach, Oriental cockroach. Silverfish, Firebrats, Stink Bugs. 
  • For Use In In and around residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional,research, recreational, health care, educational, daycare, hospitality and agricultural buildings and other man-made structures, garages, transport vehicles, sewers, animal rearing and handling establishments, food handling and food processing establishments, poultry houses and new building construction 
  • Active Ingredient Orthoboric Acid 99% 
  • Long-lasting, Odorless Powder. Green Zone Brand Mineral-based active ingredient, Suitable for green service programsRemains active until removed, Superfine, No Clumping Powder For Superior “Dustablity”, Moisture Resistant, Use as a Liquid Spray, Foam, Mop Solution and as a Drain Treatment for Drain Flies