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You’re the head of the household. The guardian of all. When it comes to your family, you’re warm, compassionate and nurturing. But when they need protecting, you’re cool, calculating and effective. That’s why Hot Shot Insecticides are your weapon of choice, giving you the clear advantage within your walls and at the checkout line. When creepy bugs attempt to pass, save the day with Hot Shot Insecticides.

Hot Shot(R) Bedbug and Flea Flogger

  • Reaches fleas hidden in carpets, upholstery and other hiding places
  • Effective, long-term control
  • Kills bed bugs, fleas, lice and ticks
  • Each can treats a room up to 16 ft x 16 ft with an 8 ft ceiling or 2,000 cu ft of unobstructed space

I think I might have bed bugs, what are some warning signs?

- A sweet, musky odor.

- Rust-colored spots on bedding or mattresses.

- Bites, similar to mosquito bites.

- Adult bed bugs in the mattress folds or on the wall behind the headboard.

Adult bed bugs, in general, are:

- About the size of an apple seed.

- Long and brown, with a flat, oval-shaped body (if not fed recently).

- Balloon-like, reddish brown, and more elongated (if fed recently).

I have bed bugs, what now?

- Remove all clutter from the suspected infected area/room.

- Vacuum vigorously and thoroughly.

- Remove all bedding and wash with hot water and dry with high heat.

- Treat large household items like mattresses and furniture with a bed bug treatment kit.

- Treat open, infested areas (like bedrooms) with an EPA registered fogger for bed bugs.

- Treat cracks and crevices with an EPA registered aerosol, liquid spray or powder.

Recommended hot shot bed bug products:

- Hot Shot Bedbug Mattress & Luggage Treatment Kit.

- Hot Shot Bedbug & Flea Fogger.

- Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer (Aerosol).

- Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer With Egg Kill (Ready-to-Use).

- Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust with Diatomaceous Earth.

How do I prevent an initial infestation or worse yet, a reinfestation?

- Move beds and furniture several inches away from the walls. Bed bugs cannot jump or fly.

- Make sure bed skirts and blankets do not reach the floor to allow bed bugs easy access to the bed.

- Discourage reinfestation by keeping clutter picked up, washing bedding and upholstery regularly and do not buy used furniture.

Planning a trip? Take these precautions:

Prior to travel:

- Spray your luggage with a product with a product registered to treat bed bugs and for use on luggage. Allow to dry completely.

- Pack dirty laundry in plastic bags which you can take directly to the laundry room at home.

Returning home:

- Do not unpack luggage inside. Unpack outside in the garage, laundry room or utility room.

- Remove the laundry you placed in sealable bags in the hotel and throw it immediately in the dryer on the highest heat setting possible.