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Each order of Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait will come with 10 bait stations to apply the quantum into.

Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait is the newest bait formulation from the Maxforce line of products and will remain effective for up to 3 months. Maxforce quantum is effective on most ant species including Argentine Ants, Pharoah Ants, Ghost Ants, Crazy Ants, and Odorous House Ants. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Its revolutionary bait matrix ensures it will continue to perform long after it is applied. Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, and Harvester Ants are not controlled by this bait. Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid .03% Target pests: Acrobat ant, Argentine ant, Big-Headed ants, Black Garden Ant, Crazy ants, Ghost ant, Little Black ant, Odorous House ant, Pavement ant, Pharaoh's ant, Rover ants, Thief ant, or White-Footed ant. These and other ant species are attracted to sweets and moisture will be attracted to and controlled by this bait.

Maxforce Quantum does not control Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, or Harvester Ants. For use in: residential buildings, schools, commercial and industrial buildings (e.g., warehouses, supermarkets, restaurants, motels, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, computer facilities, pet shops, zoos, food processing plants, food handling/storage establishments) and transportation equipment (e.g., aircraft, trains, ships, boats, buses, cars, trucks, vans, and recreational vehicles) Application: Apply .2 grams per 100 square feet of floor space. Or apply .6 grams of bait per 10 lineal feet of foraging ant trails. (Bottle contains 4.23 oz. of product) Yield: Bottle is 4.23 oz. of product Parts Included: Each order of Maxforce Quantum comes with at least 10 bait stations. Manufactured By: Bayer