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A Clear Solution For Ant Control

It is estimated there are up to 10,000 trillion ants on earth, which means there are trillions of pest problems you could encounter around your property. Optigard ant gel bait from Syngenta Professional Pest Management offers effective control of a broad range of ants so you can help reduce the number of ants you face.

Optigard ant gel bait is known for its clear gel formulation that ants are attracted to and is easy for them to consume. It has proven to be accepted and palatable to a wide variety of ants. The powerful active ingredient, thiamethoxam, controls workers, brood and queens to ensure full colony elimination.

Optigard ant gel bait Profile

▸ Broad-spectrum control of ants, including Argentine, carpenter, odorous house, ghost and other ant species

▸ Non-repellent and transferable; knocks out workers, brood and queens

▸ Remains palatable for at least 14 days after baiting (indoors and outdoors)

▸ Non-staining and colorless formulation with little to no odor

▸ Packaged in a ready-to-use, 30-gram syringe with plunger for easy application

With its effective mode of action, durable formulation and excellent acceptance among ants, you can trust Optigard ant gel bait to offer the control you need to help provide a long-lasting, ant-free environment for your customers.

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  • 5
    Opti Ant

    Posted by Harry Hudson on Jul 29th 2021

    Item worked better than anticipated.

  • 5
    My sanity has returned!

    Posted by SARAH GILLMORE on Jun 29th 2020

    After fighting ghost ants for weeks I am finally rid of them. Quite honestly I thought I had pharoah ants and was treating accordingly. I was ready for the funny farm! Weird how something so small can cause a huge nuisance. Hooray for Optigard'Ant.