Rockwell - Cimexa - Boric Acid Dust - 4oz


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  • Cimexa insecticide Dust is the newest product available in the battle against bed bugs, fleas, ticks and other insects. Cimexa Dust is 100% silica dust, is very safe, odorless, and will not stain. Cimexa Dust will last up to 10 years when applied to undisturbed areas like wall voids. It is very effective on bed bugs, fleas, and especially parathyroid resistant bed bugs.
  • Ants, crazy ants, cockroaches, firebrats, silverfish
  • Spiders, mites, bed bugs, lice, fleas, chinches de cama
  • Ticks, and dry wood termites. Kills bed bug adults
  • Bed Bug nymphs hatched from dusted eggs