Syngenta Archer Insect Growth Regulator 16 oz


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Archer, featuring the active ingredient pyriproxyfen, breaks the reproductive cycle of pests to prevent them from becoming egg-laying adults indoors and outdoors. Provides control of fleas and ticks in places where pets are likely to rest, such as kennels and indoor areas. It can also be used on pet sleeping areas, carpets, throw rugs and upholstered furniture. With only one application, Archer can provide up to seven months of flea and tick control.


- Its unique mode of action interferes with the development of eggs, larvae, pupae or nymphs of many common insects and arthropod pests, including those that may be resistant to other insecticides

- Protected against UV degradation to ensure long-lasting flea control outdoors for up to 16 weeks

- Its low volatility allows Archer to be applied indoors, outdoors and in food-handling establishments (see product label) without odor or airborne residue

- Can be tank-mixed with adulticides outdoors, such as Demand® CS insecticide with iCAP technology™