Crossfire Bed Bug Aerosol


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CrossFire Aerosol kills pyrethroid-resistant bed bug strains at all life stages, including eggs. Available in aerosol and concentrate, the patented formula with multiple modes of action is the only bed bug product with three active ingredients providing longer-lasting control that keeps working even after you leave. The results save you time and money. Making CrossFire the ideal bed bug solution that changes everything.

Features & Benefits
  • Residual control begins working within minutes of exposure
  • Kills pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs
  • Approved for direct application onto mattresses
  • Multi-mode action and control
  • Quick knockdown and kill
  • Kills all bed bug life stages by contact and prevents bed bug egg hatch
  • Non-repellent and non-staining technology
  • For use in residential, institutional and commercial facilities 
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