Termidor SC Termiticide 78oz (US ONLY)


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Termidor SC is a fipronil termite treatment. Termidor is safe to use as a termiticide trench treatment but it can also be used as a fipronil spray for ants. When used according to the Termidor SC label, Termidor will last 9 years. Solutions has the best price on Termidor SC online or you can buy Termidor at any Solutions Pest & Lawn store.


Target Pests

Termidor SC is intended as a termite treatment but you can also use termidor to control ants and other labelled pests.

For Use In

Termidor SC general use termite control chemical. Termidor SC can be trenched around structures foam injected into wall voids sprayed as a perimeter barrier treatment and injected under foundations and concrete slabs.



How to use Termidor and termite control chemicals?

Termite treatments are not easy work. A DIY termite treatment will take between 4-8 hours depending on the size of the structure and how many people are doing the treatment. The Termidor active ingredient Fipronil is the best termiticide on the market and wil protect any home from termites for up to 9 years.

Pre Construction Termidor SC treatments are made during all steps up to the and including the installation of the final grade. The goal of a termite pre-treat is to create a complete horizontal and vertical chemical barrier of Fipronil at a concentration of .125%. Slab treatments of Termidor SC should cover the entire area of earth beneath the concrete slab. This includes home, garage, basements, and any extended entrances and walkways. Spray 1 gallon of mixed Termidor solution to cover 10 square feet of area. A low pressure spray works best for even application.

NOTE: Around gaps in the slab (plumbing, utility services, etc) spray 10 gallons of Termidor SC Solution to ensure proper protection.

NOTE: Around the perimeter of the foundation spray Termidor solution at a rate of 4 gallons for each 10 linear feet.

Post Construction Termidor SC Treatments are made after construction has been completed. Generally post construction termite treatments are preformed to eliminate colonies that have infested a home. To treat the home you must trench Termidor SC solution around the house at a rate of 4 finished Termidor SC gallons per 10 linear feet of foundation. Generally a professional will drill holes into the foundation at 12 inch increments and inject 4 gallons per 10 linear feet for sub-slab protection.

Bath traps should be treated with Termidor SC at a rate of 4 finished Termidor gallons per square foot of area. 

Shower drains and adjacent soil should be treated for complete protection. Drill through the slab around the drain and sub slab inject 4 gallons of finished Termidor solution per shower drain. A directional dispersion tip may be needed to ensure total termite control.

Sometimes termidor is misspelled as Termadol, Termidol, Termador, Termadore, Termidore. The correct spelling is Termidor as per BASF.


Coverage Area

The coverage area for Termidor SC will vary depending on mix rate and application site. Refer to the Termidor SC label for proper mix rates and application methods.

Time to Kill

Termidor can take up to 60 days to kill termites. Termidor will last up to 9 years when trenched around a structure.

Country of Manufacture

United States

Mix Rate

The mix ratio for Termidor is 0.8 ounces per gallon of water.

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    Termidor sc

    Posted by Bruce Mcsperrin on Mar 2nd 2024

    Just use it,dug around house,pretty easy to use,had a quote of $1200,this cost $220,gave it a 4 cuase just used so haven’t had a chance to work, but yea save yourselves $1000 and do alittle labor!!!!

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    Posted by Donald R. McCoy on Apr 22nd 2022